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BestDivorceLawyersDelhi is a platform that is founded by Suresh Gupta, who is actively practicing in most of the Delhi courts. He is a young, energetic, and talented divorce lawyer Delhi with the passion to help his clients get justice at the earliest possible time.

He has created this platform intending to offer the services of the best divorce lawyers in Delhi, who are experts in matrimonial laws. Suresh Gupta has teamed up with some of the talented divorce lawyers in Delhi NCR like Bharti Pandit and Kundan Sharma to offer the best services to their clients.

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Our divorce lawyers in Delhi deal with all the Indian laws that come under the domain of divorce and matrimonial disputes.

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Divorce is stressful and can be agonizingly painful to the involved parties. Wading through the wide maze of law can make it even more frustrating. You will need a skillful lawyer in Delhi for divorce procedures to get to a quick settlement. Our lawyers are willing to work actively with you on every step so that you can come out of mental torture at the easiest.

We always try the conciliatory approach to find a solution. Our divorce lawyer in New Delhi will leave no stone unturned to make the concerned parties come to an amicable settlement. It is one way to ensure quicker closure to the cases so that our clients can get on with their lives at the earliest.

If our client finds the terms or conditions of mutual consent to be unsatisfactory, our divorce advocate in Delhi will move the courts for a contested divorce. Nevertheless, our lawyers are committed to working with you through each step to help you get the rightful justice that you deserve.

You might be worried about divorce lawyer fees in Delhi. Let us ease your worries right away, because you will not have to pay us anything for the consultation. Moreover, we do not charge any fees unless we help you win the case.

The best thing about the BestDivorceLawyersDelhi platform is that you will not have to face financial burdens during your difficult times. You will find it comforting to work with the best divorce lawyer Delhi without shelling out money from your pocket.

The Process of Getting a Divorce in India

Make Up Your Mind

Firstly, you will need to make a strong decision if you want to get officially separated from your spouse. Even though the court gives 6 months for reconsidering, it is better to stick to your decision. If you have even a small opportunity to reconcile with your spouse, we recommend you give it a try first. 


It will be a loss of time, effort, and money for you if you change your mind later. Our divorce lawyers in Delhi will not make any attempts to influence your thoughts in any way, so you will need to make a final decision on divorce before approaching us. We are always open to counsel and guide you on child custody if you have questions.

Plan with Your Lawyer

We urge you to talk to our expert divorce lawyer Delhi for planning your divorce. They are compassionate and know all about the frustrations and mental breakdowns that lead to the separation of matrimonial bonding. Our lawyers have seen the trauma and uncertainty among our clients seeking a divorce, especially if there are children involved. They will guide you all the way to make your experience as painless as possible.

We will first understand all about your case and suggest the best solutions that will help your future. For our women clients, we plan the best ways to help them get the right compensation and maintenance money to lead a good life ahead. We will also make proper plans on other matters like child custody, alimony, property distribution, etc. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free consultation today!

Filling For Divorce

The filing process for divorce with mutual consent is different from that of a contested divorce. Even the legal process is completely different in both types.

In case of mutual consent divorce, both the spouses will need to file the divorce petition jointly. A single lawyer can represent both partners in these cases. The case of this type of divorce will take about 18-24 months, and the partners need not mention any grounds for their matrimonial separation. The departing husband and wife will themselves decide on related aspects like property distribution, alimony, child custody, etc.

In the case of a contested divorce, one of the spouses will need to file the divorce petition. All the steps in this type will be mediated through separate lawyers from each side. It can be filed on various grounds like desertion, adultery, mental disorder, dowry harassment, venereal disease, etc. These cases will take more time for settlement, nearly 3 to 5 years.

Our expert divorce lawyers in Delhi will guide you through each step of the process, right from filing the petition to getting the decree in the end. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are seeking separation from your spouse.

Documents Needed

You will need to prepare all the necessary documents for filing your divorce petitions. Some of the important documents are


  • Proof of address of both the spouses
  • Professional or business details and earnings
  • Marriage certificate
  • Family background information
  • Marriage paragraphs with both the husband and wife in the same photos
  • Proof showing that they have been living separately for at least 1 year
  • If any reconciliation attempt in the past had failed, then the petitioner will have to furnish the proof.
  • Income Tax Information
  • Complete information on all the assets and properties owned by each spouse.


There might be a requirement for some more documents depending on the circumstances of the case, but you need not worry. Our divorce lawyers in Delhi will help you prepare for your case in a systematic manner. Contact us today for help on your divorce!

Divorce Lawyers in New Delhi


We understand that divorce can be a difficult phase in anyone’s life, but we take it upon ourselves to help them move on in their lives and seek the happiness that they deserve. Contested divorce cases can take time and can be frustrating to both parties.
Team of Divorce Lawyers in Delhi

Not to worry because we will
stand strongly with you.

We are here to help you dissolve your wedding and come to an amicable settlement with your ex-spouse as early as possible. We will drive compelling negotiations with your separated spouse or their lawyer to come up with terms that are fair and reasonable.

We will also guide you on each step to make it easy for you to handle the difficult phase of your life. We always make sure that our clients will not have to settle for anything less than what they rightfully deserve. We will stand with you till the closure of your case.


All the lawyers associated with BestDivorceLawyersDelhi have an excellent track record of helping clients get justice as early as possible. Our goal is to help you get your matrimonial deputes resolved so that you can lead a life of peace and happiness.


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How long will my divorce case last?

The fastest way to resolve your divorce case is by going for mutual consent. The applicants get 6 months to consider the mutual consent divorce application. Only if any of the separating spouses objects in that time, the case will get contested. So ideally the decree of divorce for mutual consent should be settled in 9 months.

Contested cases will take a longer time depending on complications related to alimony demands, proofs, etc. We can help you move your case to the fast-track court if the judicial procedure drags on for more than 2 years.

How to get a divorce fast?

The fastest way is by getting mutual consent from both the separating spouses. We have a track record of helping most of our clients get the decree with out-of-court negotiations. We aim to help you get the closure of your case at the earliest.

What are the fees you charge for a divorce?

When you are working with our lawyer, you will not have to face any financial burden. We shall initially inform you about the fees, but you can pay us only after we win the case in your favour. Generally, divorce lawyer fees in Delhi costs about Rs.25,000 to Rs.35,000 for mutual consent divorce depending upon the complications.

Why do I need a lawyer for mutual consent divorce?

Yes still do need a lawyer. Even though you will not need representation in the court, you will still have to follow all the procedures to get the decree. You will need the best divorce lawyer in Delhi NCR to make sure that all the procedures are duly followed as directed by the court.

Can I file a divorce case in place of my family member?

Yes, you can, as long as the person gives you the Power Of Attorney to file the case. Sometimes women might not be able to meet the lawyer directly to get the divorce case filed, which is when some family member or a friend can do so on their behalf.

Can you help me move my divorce case to another court?

Yes, our lawyers have the complete know-how of what it takes to get the transfer petition approved by the High Court or Supreme Court. We will try all means to help you face your divorce case with the least hassles as possible. Contact our best divorce lawyer Delhi today. We offer a free consultation to anyone who approaches us.

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