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Divorce is a painful time in one’s life. The task of finding the best divorce attorney can be daunting for anyone who is emotionally affected by the ending of a marriage. While divorce proceedings can be long and tedious, your attorney will be representing both you and the other person for several months or even more. This means that you should make it easier for you and the family to choose the right lawyer.

A divorcement marks the end of a marital relationship by legal process. The divorce petition must be filed at one time. Only states have a legal system that governs divorce proceedings. The petitioning or disagreeing individual can file in the same state as he/she is, provided he/she has been a citizen of the State or was married. Due to the potential complications such as taxation and property division, it may prove beneficial for both spouses to receive financial assistance and legal advice.

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Documents necessary for Mutual Consent Divorce

  • Wedding Certificates and Marriage Cards
  • Photograph of a Couple in a Joint Marriage
  • Two Passport Size photos of each side
  • Adhaar Card (or any other current address proof) of both parties

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    Divorce by Mutual Consent - Lawyers

    Divorce by Mutual Consent is a legal procedure where both parties agree to the terms of the divorce settlement and sign a document.

    Procedure For Filing Mutual Divorce Petition

    The divorcement petition must take the form of an affirmative, which can then be submitted to the family courts. The Courts adjourn the matter after the parties file the petition. The following is the procedure for filing a petition :

    Step 1: File A Petition

    First, the spouse and husband must both file a petition seeking divorce by mutual consent under Hindu law. This petition must be signed jointly by both the husband and wife.

    Step 2: Grant Of First Motion

    After the petition is filed the parties need to record their statements and give them evidence in front of the judge. Both the petitioner and the respondent must mention that they have reached an agreement to divorce. They must also state the reasons and agree on the terms. The Court will then grant the first motion. The Court will then grant the first motion.

    Step 3. Cooling-off Period

    This is usually granted by the Courts to allow for a rethinking of the idea of divorce. The Court will allow the couple to reconsider the idea of divorce for 6 to 8 months. The Courts must wait for the couple to file the second motion again within six months. If one party refuses to reconcile, the Courts might deny the mutual divorce petition.

    Step 4: Second Motion

    The couple will need to file the second motion within six to 18 months. After that, the Judge will dissolve the marriage.

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    In Hindu Law, how long must you wait to file for divorce?

    According to the Hindu Marriage Act, a petition for divorcement cannot be filed in less than one year of the marriage. The High Court may allow the petition to be submitted if there is exceptional difficulty in the appellants’ claim.

    How long is it to finish a divorce petition?

    An order for divorce may be granted in the event of a divorce that has been approved by both parties. This could last from six months to 18 months. This period may be extended depending on the circumstances. In contested divorce cases, divorce is typically obtained after 18 to 30-months. It can also take more time. The time component can depend on many factors, including how strong the claim is and whether maintenance is required.

    Does it make sense for the spouses to be present at the divorce hearing?

    If they consent to divorce, then both parties must attend the hearing. The area in which the divorce is filed suggests that it will likely prevent at least one of the partners from attending.

    When should I go to the court hearing for a divorce application?

    The minimum requirement is two times. However, it depends on where the divorce is filed. This will depend on the specific facts of the case. After how long does a divorcée get married again? According to the Hindu Marriage Act, the claim period is 30 days starting from the day of the judgment.

    What papers are needed to file a mutual consent divorce application?

    Papers include address evidence of husband and wife, a marriage certificate, and four passport photographs showing the marriage of both of them.

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