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One of the leading online platforms to find a reliable divorce lawyer in Tis Hazari Court is the There are many divorce lawyers listed on the platform specializing in NRI divorce, divorce settlement, domestic violence law, maintenance & alimony, mutual consent divorce, and child custody. Divorce is stressful, but there is a need for a specialized attorney representation to smoothly handle the process. Every divorce case differs – for example, mutual consent divorce and child custody are different legal processes.

Mutual consent divorce refers to a divorce proceeding where both parties agree to end their marriage and can reach an agreement on the terms of their separation, such as property division and spousal support.

Child custody, on the other hand, refers to the legal arrangement determining which parent has the responsibility for making decisions about a child’s welfare and with whom the child will live. In a divorce case, child custody is typically one of the key issues that must be resolved. While mutual consent divorce and child custody may be related, they are separate legal matters that can be addressed in a single divorce case or separate proceedings. So, it becomes essential to look for the best lawyer in Tis Hazari court specializing in specific areas, and is the best platform to explore. has listed competent and skilled legal experts that help clients in getting quick case closure. A good Tiz Hazari Court divorce lawyer can even help a non-resident Indian married under Hindu Marriage Act to easily get a divorce. The petition can be filed in India or another country where the couple is residing. Filing a divorce outside India is an exception the Indian law offers. It says that parties can file a petition for a divorce in the jurisdiction of the court, where the married couple last resided. Why is there a need to hire a specialized NRI divorce lawyer?

A specialized NRI divorce lawyer from our platform can provide several advantages in handling divorce cases involving Non-Resident Indians, such as:

  • Knowledge of cultural and legal differences: An NRI divorce lawyer is familiar with the cultural and legal differences between India and the country of residence of the NRI, which can be crucial in handling NRI divorce cases.


  • Familiarity with NRI-specific laws: An NRI divorce lawyer is knowledgeable about the specific laws and regulations that apply to NRIs, such as the Hindu Marriage Act and Foreign Marriage Act.


  • Experience in international legal issues: An NRI divorce lawyer has experience in handling complex international legal issues that may arise in NRI divorce cases, such as jurisdiction and enforcement of foreign divorce decrees.


  • Ability to navigate the complexities of NRI divorce: An NRI divorce lawyer has the skills and experience necessary to handle the unique challenges that can arise in NRI divorce cases, such as dealing with international assets and cross-border custody disputes.


Overall, hiring a specialized NRI divorce lawyer can provide a higher level of expertise and help ensure a smoother and more favorable outcome in NRI divorce cases.

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    The top divorce lawyer in Tiz Hazari court listed on can help to make the separation of a sacred bond seamless. Marriage dissolution or divorce is a separation process that happens when a cohabiting married couple doesn’t desire to live together within the marriage bond. They desire to separate either by mutual consent or by contest.

    • When husband and wife agree to separate under their own will, the process is called mutual consent divorce. Both can apply for marriage dissolution together.
    • When a husband and wife disagree and a divorce petition is filed either by the wife or husband then the process is called a contested divorce. The reasons to file such cases can be adultery, cruelty, mental disorder, desertion, communicable disease, etc.

    It doesn’t matter whether the divorce is by contest or mutual consent there is a need for legal advice from specialized divorce lawyers to ensure that navigation through the tedious divorce process is hassle-free.

    We happen to be the best source to find a capable and credible divorce lawyer in Delhi. It saves time to go looking around for a suitable lawyer practicing in specific divorce areas, but we have listed them all on our platform

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    Divorce can have a devastating effect on all parties. This isn’t just for the married couple. Divorce has the potential to affect your children, your immediate family, your work, and your outlook on life for the next few years. It can be devastating for families and cause them to break apart. This is why it’s important to hire the best Delhi divorce attorneys.

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    What is the minimum period it takes to get divorced in India?

    By mutual consent, divorce can be obtained within six months. However, no petition can be filed in such cases within the first year. The first and second motions must be filed within six months. This cooling-off period can be waived by the court in certain cases.

    What if your husband refuses to divorce you?

    If your husband denies the divorce and refuses to appear in court, you must file a complaint with the police station under section 485. pressure on your husband to divorce.

    Do you automatically get divorced after 5 years?

    No automatic divorce will be granted to anyone who has been separated for five years, ten years, or more. You must file for divorce if you have been separated for 5 years or more.

    How can I get divorced in India from overseas?

    Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) can file a petition in India to seek mutual consent for a divorce. This exemption is filing a divorce in a different country.

    Can I file for divorce from abroad?

    The short answer to this question is “Yes”, but not in all cases and only to a limited extent. Most states accept divorce decrees issued by foreign countries so long as they meet certain procedural requirements (such as giving notice to all parties).

    Is it a condition that the wife gets half the salary?

    How will the court split our property? The court will divide the marital property into equal parts, and each spouse gets one-third share of the total property. The court may give one spouse more than the other partner if there is a good reason to do this.

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