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Child custody is one area that can be emotionally very difficult in a divorce proceeding. Children and babies are often forced to take the blame for the actions of others. Because of their emotional attachment, both parents wish to keep custody. It can be stressful and complicated to navigate child custody proceedings, which often leads parents to feel anxious, stressed, and frustrated. This type of case can cause conflict between parents. India has its court that decides who the child’s custody is. When deciding who gets custody of the children, the court takes into consideration the welfare of each child. Our top lawyers in Delhi are available.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to adopt a child and/or negotiate full custody agreements with your spouse. However, it can be hard to get child custody. A child custody lawyer Delhi can help you get the outcome you want and avoid stress in court proceedings. The BESTDIVORCELAWYERSDELHI, who are experts in their field, can handle any kind of issue you are facing. Experts in these cases will help to determine the best custody arrangement to ensure your child’s safety and well-being. Our lawyers are available to help you file a petition with the court on behalf of your child for custody.

What Is India’s Basic Eligibility For Child Care?

In summary, the Hindu Minority Act U/S12 and Guardians and Wards Act (1890 U/S 17) state that children under 5 years old are subject to the priority of custody. The mother gets the custody rights. It is common for a father to have physical custody of older boys, and for the mother to have physical custody of older girls.

When deciding custody of a child, the well-being of the kid must be considered first. The happiness of the child is the only consideration. The court will only grant custody of the child to the parent whom the court considers responsible for his or her well-being.

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    Types Of Child Custody Agreements In India

    In India, a court of competent jurisdiction orders custody in the three following forms.

    1. Physical Custody

    If physical custody is awarded to a parent, it means that the minor will live under that parent’s guardianship with frequent interaction and visitation. A custody award is made to ensure that the child has a better and more fulfilling life.

    2. Joint Custody

    However, joint custody does not mean that parents must live together for the sake of the child. Joint custody is when both parents take care of the child, one at a time. The child’s rotation among the parents could vary between a few days or for one week or even a whole month. The child benefits from these rotations. On the one hand, the child receives the attention of both parents and on the second, parents are a part of the child’s life.

    3. Legal Custody

    Legal custody of a child doesn’t necessarily mean the child is with the parents. Legal custody is granted to the parents and allows them to make every decision regarding the child’s education, medical treatment, and so forth. Most cases grant legal custody to both parents. However, in cases of a messy divorce, where parents disagree, the court can grant legal custody to either parent.

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    How a child is considered independent?

    18 years old is the legal age when a child is legally independent.

    How strong is a child's influence in a custody agreement?

    The child’s age is key. The more influence the child has on the court, the older he/she will become. The court may have the final say but the testimony of a minor does carry substantial weight.

    Do custody rights change?

    Yes. Periodic evaluations should be done on the parenting plan. This is because many factors can be altered or modified in a very short period following the divorce.

    Are custody agreements necessary?

    Law stipulates that at least one parent must be legally responsible for the child. Any modification in custody rights must always be discussed with the judicial system.

    Is it possible for a non-parent to have custody of a child?

    It is possible. The court must be petitioned to show that the nonparent has a meaningful relationship.

    In what way is child custody jurisdiction established?

    It is dependent on the amount of time that the child has lived in a particular state, any prior court proceedings, the residency status of each parent, etc.

    What is the best time to tell my child the news?

    There is no such thing as the right time. It is important, to be honest with your child and keep it that way. Children often have greater intelligence than their parents might believe.

    What is the most common reaction of divorced parents to custody arrangements?

    Most parents follow the court-ordered custody arrangements. The terms of custody can change quickly due to lifestyle changes. (Remarrying, financial problems, etc.)

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