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Court Marriage, unlike a regular solemnized marriage, is an economic and hassle-free option that allows couples of different nationalities, religions, and castes to solemnize their union and register it through a simple process. This is done in the presence of a marriage registrar and three witnesses.


Who Needs A Court Marriage?

Individuals who want to marry under the Special Marriage Act may choose to have their marriage legalized in a court marriage. This is a cost-effective and easy way to legally wed.

Conditions for Court Marriage

These rules apply to court marriages in India as per Section 4 of the Special Marriage Act.

  1. Before signing the Civil Marriage Contract, the parties must comply with the conditions outlined in the act.
  2. The court marriage application does not require that either of the spouses be married. Court marriage is possible if the spouse who was married before you are deceased or divorced.
  3. Parties must enter the court marriage process at their discretion. They should not be forced to do the same, and neither party should have unsound minds when entering into court marriage.
  4. Only the groom and bride must be at least 18 years old. For the bride, it should be 18 and over and for the groom, it should be 21 and above.
  5. The degree of prohibited relationship should not be considered for the parties to the marriage.

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    Court Marriage: Documents Required

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    Requirements For Bride And Bridegroom


    • Separate affidavits for the bride and groom
    • Date of birth
    • Present marital status: unmarried/widower/ divorcee
    • Affirmation that the parties do not have a relationship beyond the prohibited level as defined by the Special Marriage Act.
    • Each bride and groom will need 4 passport-sized photos
    • Residential Proof of the bride and groom (photocopy any one of these: Aadhar Card/Voter Card, Passport/Ration Card, Driving Licence, Lease Deed/Rent Deed)
    • Photograph of either the bride or groom’s date of birth (photocopy of any of the following: class 10th certificate, passport or birth certificate).
    • Both the bride and groom must sign the Notice of Intention Marriage
    • Copy of the divorce decree/order for a divorcée and the death certificate of spouse for a widow/widower.

    minima nesciunt.

    Requires Three Witnesses Separately:

    • Each witness should have one passport-sized photograph
    • Photocopy of the PAN card for each witness
    • Photocopy of an identity document of each witness [photocopy any one of these – Aadhaar card, Any Govt. Recognized document: Driving License, NFS Card, Passport, Voter Identification Card (front and back)
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    What is the Court Marriage process for an Indian Foreign National?

    The Court Marriage in India process begins with a check to make sure that both parties are eligible. All the documents required should be available before you submit your Court Marriage Application to the Registrar.

    • Indian Laws are not to be confused with the laws in the nation where the foreign national resides.
    • A valid passport is required to perform Court Marriage in India.
    • O.C. Marital certificate from the Embassy or Consulate in question
    • India has a civil lawyer that can help with such legal proceedings.

    What's the procedure for a marriage between an Indian and an outsider?

    Foreign Marriage Act (1969) mentions the possibility of an Indian marrying a foreigner in a country. It is considered a Civil Marriage. The Court Marriage process is the same as that under the Special Marriage Act. However, the Embassy must issue a No Impediment Certificate/NOC and a valid VISA.

    What are some of the advantages of a Court Marriage?

    Court Marriage can provide many advantages. The benefits include:

    • It is easier and less expensive than traditional marriages.
    • The Court Marriage parties have the option to solemnize the marriage in any form they prefer. Two Hindus, for instance, can legally marry in Sikh Style by having their wedding ceremony done in Sikh Style.

    Who is a married officer? The Court Marriage takes place where?

    A Marriage Officer can be described as a judicial officer who officiates a Court Marriage. They have all the powers and authority of a civil Court. Any proceeding conducted before a married officer would be considered a court proceeding.

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