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Indian citizens living abroad, or who are temporarily permitted to work abroad, may encounter difficulties when dealing with complex issues, such as child custody, annulment of marriage, and other legal proceedings.

Indians who are not Indian citizens can file for divorce in India. But, it can be difficult to get in touch with their potential divorce attorney and understand the complexities and issues surrounding trans-border divorce cases.

NRIs are faced with many problems during the legal case fight. If we look at the average time required to solve a single legal matter, it is about 1.3 years. You can decrease it by hiring the best NRI divorce lawyers in Delhi. Our Best divorce lawyers can assist you with your legal issues.

BestDivorceLawyersDelhi is a group of top NRI Divorce lawyer who will provide the best legal representation in a quick and cost-effective manner. This site will provide you with a personal legal assistant.

Concessions Given To NRI By Our Courts

It is obvious that many things must be done in order for NRIs to travel. Honorable courts grant some concessions to NRIs in order to get rid of these problems. These concessions are described in detail below.

#1 Legal Concession

There are some reasons why you may not be able to travel to India for your legal matter. You can however, assign your power to someone close to you using the general power attorney for NRI.

#2 Legal Concession

A second relaxation will allow you to have a period for 6 months to reconsider your decision. If the decision is not reached by both parties, the proceeding will be moved to its final stage.

#3 Legal Concession

Third relaxation court extends court proceeding time to 18 months. This time frame is used to assign the presence and existence of NRI parties to courts proceeding.

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    Mutual Consent Divorce in NRIs

    Indian courts recognize divorces by mutual consent when both spouses have been living in foreign countries and want to end their marriage.

    If an NRI marries an Indian citizen and the marriage was registered in India, the couple can petition for a mutually consent divorce. The petition can be filed in India or in their country of residence at the time.

    To be recognized as valid under Indian law, the NRI divorce decree must have the consent of the husband and the wife. The petition for mutual consent NRI divorcement is made according to the laws in force in the foreign country where it was obtained.

    NRI mutual divorces will only be valid if the court that made the decree has the proper jurisdiction and the decree meets all requirements of a consent divorce. Additional matters such as child custody, maintenance, and division of assets can also be handled amicably by spouses according to the laws in the foreign country where they live.

    Contested Divorce in NRIs

    Any spouse can file a contested divorce if they have valid grounds to divorce. The Indian court will accept a divorce decree if both parties contest the divorce.

    When a divorce order is filed in a foreign tribunal, however, it is awarded ex parte. The divorce decree is valid only in that country and not India if the other party is absent. The decree will be null and the spouse must contest it in Indian courts.

    Things get complicated when one spouse lives in India and the NRI spouse lives in another country. The process of getting a divorce can prove difficult for either spouse. BestDivorceLawyersDelhi suggests that the divorce proceedings be filed in Delhi if the marriage is legally registered.

    It is advisable to consult a lawyer before the matter is handled in any foreign court. This will allow you to understand the validity and applicability of foreign divorce decrees. An NRI can file a divorce in India. A divorce attorney can obtain an exemption to allow the spouse to appear before the court in India using a Power of Attorney. Only in cases of recording statements, examination, and cross-examination is the spouse required to appear before Indian courts.

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    Divorce can have a devastating effect on all parties. This isn’t just for the married couple. Divorce has the potential to affect your children, your immediate family, your work, and your outlook on life for the next few years. It can be devastating for families and cause them to break apart. This is why it’s important to hire the best Delhi divorce attorneys.

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    What is the minimum period it takes to get divorced in India?

    By mutual consent, divorce can be obtained within six months. However, no petition can be filed in such cases within the first year. The first and second motions must be filed within six months. This cooling-off period can be waived by the court in certain cases.

    What if your husband refuses to divorce you?

    If your husband denies the divorce and refuses to appear in court, you must file a complaint with the police station under section 485. pressure on your husband to divorce.

    Do you automatically get divorced after 5 years?

    No automatic divorce will be granted to anyone who has been separated for five years, ten years, or more. You must file for divorce if you have been separated for 5 years or more.

    How can I get divorced in India from overseas?

    Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) can file a petition in India to seek mutual consent for a divorce. This exemption is filing a divorce in a different country.

    Can I file for divorce from abroad?

    The short answer to this question is “Yes”, but not in all cases and only to a limited extent. Most states accept divorce decrees issued by foreign countries so long as they meet certain procedural requirements (such as giving notice to all parties).

    Is it a condition that the wife gets half the salary?

    How will the court split our property? The court will divide the marital property into equal parts, and each spouse gets one-third share of the total property. The court may give one spouse more than the other partner if there is a good reason to do this.

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